The Mustard Jar
A Collection of Stories by Ronyx
Light a Candle
for Codey
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Closing the Barn Door
There’s and old adage that states, “It’s too late
to close the barn door after the horses have
gotten out.” Sixteen year-old Neil Michaels
learns this lesson on a summer afternoon when
he joins his best friend on a biking adventure to
the old barn on Engle Mill Road. A secret door
opens, and his life will never be the same.
Birds Don't Sing Before a Storm
Casey Barrett is a sixteen-year old who lives
alone with his mother. After several
incidences at school, she decides she can
no longer deal with him. She sends Casey
to live with his father who deserted the
family five years earlier.
Dancing with Madonna
Buddy Ryder is 16 years old. Hoping to escape the realities
of the world in which they live, he and his best friend,
Andre, have been dancing to Madonna’s ‘Vogue,’ since
they were 10. Buddy likes Kyle,a boy who attends his
school. However, they come from two different worlds that
he fears will never come together. Will he be able to open
the door and make his dreams come true?
A Delicate Situation
Dorian Gale is beginning his freshman year
in college. Friends encourage him to join
Campus Pride, a gay organization on campus.
There is only one problem: Dorian’s father is
Senator Jonathan Gale. This could become a
delicate situation to his father’s campaign.
Reggie's Journal
A witty and entertaining story of a young man,
Reggie Ferguson, who is assigned by his creative
writing teacher to maintain a weekly journal. Follow
along as he begins to understand himself better
through his weekly entries.
It's Not Easy Being a Tree
The internet can be a dangerous place sometimes.
Chat rooms can be perilous. Sixteen year-old
Woody Fields finds out too late just how sinister a
place they can be when he begins chatting online
with another mysterious boy.
Door Number Three
There is a defining moment in everyone’s life
when he or she suddenly realizes who they are.
Sometimes it can be a welcoming revelation,
other times it can be disheartening. Zac
Barnes’s moment comes when he first looks into
the brown eyes of Adrian Lewis. How will their
lives be affected if Zac choses Door Number 3?
A Mourning Storm
Sometimes life isn’t fair. Fifteen year-old Richie Ferguson
has to learn this the hard way when his mother dies of
cancer and he’s forced to live with a father who left the
family two years earlier for another woman. Richie’s life
becomes a storm, whirling around with no sense of
purpose or direction. Will the tumultuous winds destroy
him or will he find a calm sea in time to save his own life?
Down a Darkened Path
Troy Neal has it all- good looks, smart and
talented. Jayden Henderson's life changed
two years earlier when his mother died.
Fate brings them together. Discover how
their lives become entwined on a collision
course to a journey down the darkened path.
Losing Kevin
What would you do if you were an identical
twin, a carbon copy of someone else, but yet
different in one way? Losing Kevin is the story
of twin brothers, Devin and Kevin. They shared
a brotherly love until Kevin’s love for someone
else almost tears them apart.
No More Rainbows
Artie's world is turned upside down when his father
gets arrested for a sex crime. His family is torn
apart by the incident. Add to the equation his own
budding sexuality and his efforts to hide it from a
hostile mother, and you have a story with love and
hate, fear and courage, conflict and reconciliation.
Brittle as a Bird
Joey Carpenter is a street kid. Living in his
parent’s garage, he hustles to survive. Alcohol
and drugs help him face the world. Rejected by
his family, and an outcast at school, his future
looked dim until he meets Allen Foster- who has
his own problems. The special bond they form  
will give Joey a second chance at life.    
A Bridge to Yesterday
A sequel to Brittle as a Bird.
Joey's life has changed very much since Allen's death.
So too, has Gene's life. Tormented by the past, Gene has
estranged himself from his family. An incident will bring
him back into Joey's life. Will he once again be able to
find the love he so desperately wanted years
before? Can a bridge be crossed to a distant past?  
Taking Off the Mask
At sixteen, James has an almost perfect life.
Then two boys enter his life and turn it upside
down. Dion is a shy boy who James can't
understand. Donovan is the star basketball player
who James admires. Read how an incident with one
boy will bring him closer to the other as masks are
slowly removed.
Love on Trial
Taylor and Jason have been friends since
preschool. Now in their junior year of high
school, Taylor must confront his feelings
for Jason when they become involved in a
mock trial competition. Discover what  
happens when Taylor makes the mistake
of his life and jeopardizes their friendship.
You Promised Me a Tomorrow
This story begins with Randy crying over TJ's grave.  
What happens  to the beautiful boy, TJ, he meets the
first day of school? You will have to read the story
until its dramatic ending to find the answer.Did T.J.
break his promise? Don't read the last chapter first.
A Different Road
Corey and Brett have been best friends since
they were five. After twelve years, Brett
decides he no longer wants to be involved in a
relationship and must now travel a different
road. Can Corey survive without Brett in his
life? Find out in this story of love and loss.
Mark's Revenge
A new boy comes to town and outs Mark
and another boy, Bobby.  After several cruel
run-ins with Scott, Mark and Bobby
decide that he should get a taste of
his own medicine. Find out how they go
about seeking revenge in this exciting story.
Scott's Story
A sequel to Mark's Revenge. Scott tormented Mark
and Bobby unmercifully. Deciding they'd had enough,
they sought revenge. In this sequel, discover the
events in Scott's life that made him act so viciously.
Can he pick up the pieces of his life when he is sent to
live with his aunt?
Writing for Joe
Matt is a star reporter for his college
newspaper. A story he did the year before
resulted in the imprisonment of an important
alumni. Now he seeks revenge. Find out how
Matt and his editor, Joe, come  face to face with
death, and find love in a time of extreme danger.
Apple of Her Eye
Gary gets outed at school by his best friend. After his
mother discovers his 'secret,' will he still be the apple of
her eye? Find out as Gary discovers friendship, love,
understanding and forgiveness in this heart-felt story.
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