It's Not Easy Being a Tree

Chapter 15

Mom had dinner on the table when I arrived. Everyone was sitting down as I walked in the back door. “I thought you were going to be late,” Mom exclaimed as I sat down. She had Glenda say grace. She blessed the food, and then asked for help on a math test she was taking tomorrow.

I was reaching for some mashed potatoes when Dad asked, “What is the name of your pretty, little girlfriend?” My face immediately began to redden.

Jon peered over at me. “You got a girlfriend? Since when?”

“She’s not a girlfriend,” I insisted as I tried to avoid the conversation by nibbling at a chicken leg.

Glenn looked around Jon. “You got a girlfriend?”

“She’s a pretty thing,” Dad remarked. “He was walking her home after school. Went all the way to pick him up and he just waves me off.”

“What’s her name?” Mom asked.

“She’s not a girlfriend!” I shouted. “She’s just a friend at school.”

Dad started chuckling. “Must be love or he wouldn’t be getting upset.” Jon looked over and stared.

I pushed myself from the table and looked at Mom. “May I be excused?”

She looked at the half-eaten food on my plate. “You haven’t finished eating, Dear.”

“I’m not very hungry,” I replied. I hurried from the kitchen and went upstairs to my room. I didn’t feel like trying to explain to everyone that Kate was only a friend. Dad was already convinced I was having sex with her. He probably was even hoping I was. If I sat at the table and had to answer more questions, then it could enter into a dangerous area. If I wasn’t interested in Kate as a girlfriend, they might begin to wonder why I wasn’t.

I went to my computer to check my email. One was from Jeff. He asked me if I could spend the upcoming weekend with him. I really wanted to, but I also wanted to wait and see if anything happened with Mr. Dewberry. Right now, he only knew that I was the one on camera. He could only guess that Jeff was the other guy who had jerked off with me on Saturday night. I wanted to protect him and make sure that his identity wasn’t discovered. If it meant we would have to cool our friendship for a while, then I was willing to make the sacrifice.

I emailed him back and told him that Dad had some chores for me to do around the house. It wasn’t entirely a lie, since one of the things I had to do for my allowance was mow the lawn on Saturday mornings.

I was checking out some music videos when Jon came into the room, followed by Connor and Ross. Ross immediately came over, sat down and challenged me to a game of Mortal Kombat. Connor lay down on my bed and watched a football game on television.

Ross got hard as soon as we started playing. He would occasionally adjust it inside his thin shorts. Once I looked over and saw Connor watching me after I had glanced down at his brother’s crotch. He started grinning and then looked back at the game.

During the halftime, Jon got off his bed and announced he was going downstairs for some sodas. He asked Connor to go, but he said he would rather stay and watch the halftime show. Jon shrugged and left the room. As soon as he walked out, Connor got up off the bed, came over, and stood behind me.

“Did you find out anything yet?” He put his hands on my shoulders and started massaging me. Ross looked over but said nothing.

“I’m not sure,” I said. I shrugged my shoulders and he removed his hands.

“What do you mean, not sure?” Ross gave me a puzzled look.

I turned in my seat, facing Ross. I looked up at Connor. “Something happened today that kind of scared me.”

“What?” Ross asked as he looked worriedly at me.

I looked up at Connor. “You know Mr. Dewberry?”

He nodded. “Everybody knows Dewberry. He’s a cool teach.”

“I think he may be Bidad.”

Connor kneeled down and faced me. “No shit?” I nodded. “What makes you think that?”

“Some things he did in class today.” Connor and Ross exchanged worried looks.

“What things?” Ross asked. Just then, we could hear Jon coming upstairs.

“Shit,” Connor hissed as he hurried back over to my bed. Ross looked over worriedly as he picked up the control and we began playing again.

We had played for about ten minutes, when Ross turned and asked Jon, “Can I go downstairs and use your treadmill?” Jon turned and told him it was all right. Ross looked at me and asked, “Wanna join me?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “I guess.” Ross left the room with me following behind. When we got to the basement, Ross walked over to the workout bench and sat down.

“Tell me what’s going on.” I sat down beside him. We looked up when we heard someone descending the stairs. It was Connor.

“Where’s Jon?” Ross asked.

“Still upstairs,” he replied. “I told him I was joining you guys.” I scooted over, and he sat down on the bench beside me. Our legs pressed tightly together.

He looked at me. “What did you mean when you said you thought Dewberry was Bidad?”

They listened intently as I explained what had happened in class. When I finished, the brothers looked at one another. Connor then turned to me. “It sounds like he could be. He certainly has the body. It’s been two years since I was in his room, but he was nicely built back then.”

Ross looked worried. “So, what are we going to do?”

“I don’t think we have to do anything right now,” Connor assured us. I let out a sigh. I was afraid he would be mad when he found out. “If Dewberry is the guy camming, what’s he going to do about it?”

“What if he wants me to have sex with him?” I asked worriedly.

Connor started rubbing his left knuckles with his right hand. “He better not.” He looked at me and grinned. “He better leave my boy alone.” I grinned when I realized he was trying to make light of the situation. Perhaps, I was over-reacting. Mr. Dewberry really hadn’t made any kind of comment other than asking me to come by his class after school and get some help. I had heard him make that offer to numerous students in the past.

“Let me know if you need my help,” Ross said as he stood up. “I’m going upstairs to watch the game with Jon.” He looked down at Connor and winked. “I’ll keep him from coming down.” Connor nodded as Ross headed upstairs.

“Let’s do a workout,” Connor suggested when we were alone. He got off the bench and pointed at it. “Why don’t you straddle the bench and do some crunches.”

“I don’t work out,” I replied.

Connor sat down on the end of the bench and patted it. “It’s time you started. Now lay down and stretch out.” I did as he said. I had no sooner stretched out when he reached out and ran his hands under my shorts. I jumped and started to squeal, but I caught myself.

I looked up toward the stairs. “We can’t do this here,” I insisted nervously as my cock started to expand in his hand. We were in the middle of the room. If someone came downstairs, we would be in full view.

“We can hear if someone is walking across the floor.” He pulled down my shorts just below my balls. I moaned softly when he leaned in and engulfed his mouth around my hard cock.

I wanted to stop because I was afraid we might be caught. If Jon came downstairs, it would be difficult to cover our erections. He would surely notice. However, Connor seemed to be experienced at what he was doing. It felt much better than the way Jeff had sucked me. Connor was deep throating me. Jeff had tried, but he always ended up gagging.

After several minutes, I could feel myself getting ready to cum. I tried to pull Connor’s head off, but he slapped my hand away. I had to cover my mouth so I wouldn’t scream out when I began to shoot my load down his mouth. He swallowed quickly, never removing his mouth. When I was finished, he licked the remaining drops from the head.

I lay back exhausted. My chest was heaving as he pulled my shorts back over my waist. “Feel good?” he asked softly.

“Mmmm,” I purred. He reached out and massaged my limp cock through my shorts.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.” I looked at him, and he was grinning broadly. He pulled his cock out of the bottom of his shorts and started stroking it slowly. “Now, I’m hornier than fuck.”

I watched for a minute as his cock hardened to its full length. He kept rubbing my cock as he jerked off. I sat up, slid off the bench and knelt before him. I wrapped my hand around his dick and said, “I’m not as good as you, so don’t expect too much.” I then leaned in and took the head in my mouth.

“Ohhhh,” he hissed. He stretched his legs out and leaned back. I took more in my mouth. I couldn’t believe I was actually sucking Connor. I had jerked off so many times in the shower fantasizing about what I was now doing. I wanted to make him feel as good as he had made me feel. When I tried to take his entire cock into my mouth, I started gagging.

“Go slow,” he warned as he ran his hand over my head. “You’re doing great.” I knew from watching him on cam that Connor can take a long time to cum. After five minutes, my mouth was beginning to ache. I think he sensed it, so he removed my mouth from around it and began stroking it slowly. I watched for a minute, and then I leaned in and started sucking his large balls into my mouth.

“Yeah, Woody,” he murmured as he stroked my head. Suddenly, his legs tightened, and he rose up slightly off the bench. He quickly pulled his shirt up just as he started to cum. I watched it spray out over his taut chest.

I jumped up, ran into a nearby bathroom, and took a towel off the rack. I sat beside Connor and wiped the cum off him. He looked down at me and smiled.

“Thanks, Woody,” he said appreciatively, “that was great.” I wanted to lean in and kiss him, but he stood and pulled his shorts up. After adjusting his cock so it didn’t poke out, he looked down at me.

“I’ve been wanting to ask you something?”


“How did you get into the chat room?” He looked at me and grinned. “I remember telling you, well, not you since I didn’t know it was you then, but I told you get a fake ID. Is that how you did it?”

“Not exactly,” I responded as my face reddened. I didn’t know if I should tell him how I used Jon’s driver’s license.

“Then how?” He sat back down beside me and waited for an answer.

“You have to swear to God you’ll never tell Jon.” He gave me a puzzled look.

“What’s Jon got to do with it?” Suddenly, I saw his eyes light up and he sat back and roared with laughter.

“You stole his license!”

“Shhhhh!” I shouted. “Someone’s going to hear you.”

He continued to laugh. “So that’s what happened to it.”

“You won’t tell him, will you?” I looked pleadingly at him.

He leaned in and whispered, “Not if you don’t tell him I just sucked your dick.”

“Deal,” I grinned. I held out my fist and he hit it with his. He then stood up and extended his hand to help me up.

“We’d better get back upstairs before Jon starts wondering what we’re doing down here.” I followed him back upstairs. When we entered the room, Ross was lying on my bed. He glanced quickly at our crotches. He then looked at his brother and smiled. I looked quickly at Jon. He was still watching the game. I don’t think he had realized that Connor and I had even returned. I walked over to my computer. Seconds later, Ross sat down beside me as we resumed our game of Mortal Kombat.

Connor and Ross left around ten thirty. Jon took his shower and then went straight to bed. I quietly walked across the hall to take my shower. As I soaped my body, I thought back to the past week. I had now had sex with two guys. If you had told me a month ago that would happen, I would have never believed it.

It was fun, and I didn’t regret it. Connor and Jeff are both great guys; and it didn’t hurt that both were hot- with big dicks. The thing with Jeff just naturally happened. I think that deep inside I always knew that he and I would someday have sex. I knew last year he kind of liked me, even though he never came out and said it. If he had, we probably could have been having sex long before last weekend.

Having sex with Connor was unbelievable! It was like having one of the guys on that boy website jump out of the screen and have sex with me. It still seems like a fantasy. Guys like Connor and Ross aren’t real. They are the guys you see on an Abercrombie and Fitch poster as you walk through the mall. You stare up at them and wish you could have sex with them, but you know that won’t happen. But it did happen…to me…Woody… the scrawny little tree.

Connor just a couple of hours ago pulled down my pants and sucked me. He even let me cum in his mouth. Then he pulled down his pants and let me suck him. And it wasn’t a dream. It wasn’t a shower fantasy. It happened. To me. He even told me he had wanted to do it for a long time. To me.

However, when we finished, something was missing. I felt the same way when I was with Jeff. I wanted to kiss them, but neither wanted to do it. Jeff said he couldn’t, and I don’t think it even occurred to Connor to kiss me. It wasn’t like he used me for sex. I didn’t feel that. It’s just…he didn’t want more.

The sex is fun… but I want more, I guess.

The next day at school, Jeff kept bugging me about spending the weekend with him. I know he wanted us to cam again. However, going back into the chat room was something I doubt I would do again- and least not soon. I was afraid that Bidad, or Mr. Dewberry as I now knew, would be on. It weirded me out to think he might ask me to suck his cock again.

I finally got a chance to tell Jeff about him. Well, not about Mr. Dewberry, but I did tell him about Bidad recognizing me. We were on our way to the cafeteria for lunch when I told him that if I did spend the weekend, we couldn’t cam.

“Why?” he asked. “I thought we had fun.”

“We did,” I replied, “but..” I then told him about Sunday night and how someone may have recognized me when I accidentally showed my face.

“So?” he said unemotionally as we continued to walk. “He knows you. Big deal. He’s doing the same thing.” I started to tell him I suspected that it could be Mr. Dewberry, but we had reached the cafeteria. There were too many people around for me to continue.

Kate kept glancing back and forth at Jeff and me during lunch. I knew her well enough to know what she was thinking. She was probably imagining if we could become boyfriends. I hadn’t mentioned to her what he had said about getting married someday. I guess will tell her sooner or later. Then she will probably think I’m crazy to be having sex with someone when there is no possibility of it turning into a relationship.

I waited until the last minute to enter Mr. Dewberry’s fifth period. When I did walk in, I held my head down and went directly to my seat. I didn’t even look over at him. As I did the day before, I took notes as he talked to avoid making eye contact with him. A couple of times he walked over and stood beside me as he lectured.

When the bell rang, I grabbed my book bag and hurried to leave. As I was almost to the door, Mr. Dewberry reached out and grasped my arm.

“Are you coming by after school, Woody, for some tutoring like we talked about yesterday?” There were still several students behind me, so we weren’t alone.

“I can’t tonight, Sir,” I replied nervously as I tried to pull away from his grip. I became frightened as the other students walked around me, leaving us alone.

“I think you should,” he said more forcefully. “Come by right after school.” He let go of my arm and I rushed from the room.

I knew I would never be able to concentrate in my sixth period Computer Science class. It really didn’t matter anyway. The students in the class knew more about the computer than the teacher. She was an older woman who probably learned to type on a real typewriter.

We are assigned certain stations, but students constantly switch. I had claimed a computer along the back wall. That way my back was to the teacher and I didn’t have to pay attention to her as she talked. When I walked to my station, I was surprised to see Brandon Metzger sitting in the one next to mine. Usually, he sits on the opposite side of the room surrounded by a group of admiring girls.

He didn’t look over when I sat down. A minute later, Cheryl Cooper, who usually sits beside me walked up. “You’re in my seat, Brandon,” she said timidly.

“So?” he answered coldly. “Find another.” Cheryl stood looking down at him for a few seconds, then turned and walked away. I watched as she took the computer he normally used.

Brandon is a good-looking guy, probably the hottest guy in our class. Even Kate admitted she thought about him. I never particularly liked him because I always thought he was too arrogant. We had shared many classes since elementary school, but he had never spoken a half dozen words to me. I had a big crush on him in the seventh grade, but it quickly disappeared when he intentionally tried to hurt me in gym class one day as we played dodge ball.

I don’t know why gym teachers think that dodge ball is a fun sport. It can be if you are strong and athletic. But when you’re as small as me, it can be a form of torture. On that day, Brandon threw the ball at me every time he got it. For some reason, he had singled me out that day and he seemed to delight in hitting me with the ball as hard as he could. I almost broke out in tears, but that would have doomed me for the rest of the school year. Instead, I went to the coach and told him I wasn’t feeling well. He excused me to go get dressed. The next day, Brandon made a comment about me not being able to take it, ‘like a man,’ and that I probably ran home to my mommy. Since then, I have always tried to avoid him.

I kept glancing at him out of the corner of my eye, trying to figure out why he was sitting beside me. As usual, he was meticulously dressed. He always wears a polo shirt and khaki pants or shorts. Today he was wearing shorts that showed off the light, brown hair on his legs. His blond hair had been styled and feathered down the nape of his neck. If he wasn’t such a dick, I would probably still have a crush on him.

After talking for twenty minutes, Mrs. Avery told us to complete an assignment we had been working on the day before. I was waiting for my computer to boot up when Brandon leaned back in his chair and looked over at me.

He muttered, “I think you better see Nathan after school.” My heart stopped beating when he mentioned Mr. Dewberry’s first name. His eyes narrowed as he stared at me.

“What?” I was finally able to mumble.

“If you know what’s good for you, you’d better stop by Nathan’s room after school,” he warned. He took his cell phone from his pocket. I watched as he hit several keys. I couldn’t understand why he was warning me to see Mr. Dewberry. And why? How much did Brandon know?

I got my answer almost immediately. His eyes narrowed in anger as he passed me his cell phone. I took it and looked at the screen. A picture of my cock was on it! It appeared as if it had been taken from the chat room.

“What are you doing with this?” I asked nervously. I quickly looked around to see if anyone had seen it.

Brandon started laughing. “You’ve been a very naughty boy, Woody.” He looked at the picture on his phone. “Nice dick,” he looked over and smiled. “Nathan’s going to be very happy.”

My hands were shaking when I handed him his phone. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Just then, Mrs. Avery came walking up behind us.

“Are you doing the assignment, Boys?” We both scooted toward our computer and replied, “Yes, Ma’am.” When she walked away, Brandon leaned closer toward me.

“Don’t play dumb, Woody,” he said angrily. “I know you’ve been showing your dick in that chat room.”

Again, I replied nervously, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He scrolled through some pictures and then handed me his phone.

“Maybe Jeff will know.” I gasped when I saw the picture on his screen. It was taken the night Jeff and I jerked off together. We were sitting side by side with our hands around each other’s cock.

“I don’t…” He quickly cut me off.

“Shut the fuck up, Woody,” he said angrily. His eyes narrowed. “Nathan wants you to stop by his room after school.” He held up the picture toward me. “If you don’t, then the whole school is going to see these pictures.” He grinned, turned and scooted toward his computer and began typing.

My heart felt like it was going to pound out of my chest. I knew Mr. Dewberry’s plan. He was going to blackmail me into having sex with him; and he was going to use Brandon to do it.

As I glanced over at Brandon, I figured that he must be involved with Mr. Dewberry. He was probably having sex with him, too. Maybe he was blackmailing Brandon to intimidate me into having sex with him. One thing was certain; I don’t think I had ever been more scared in my life.

When the bell rang, I quickly got up and picked my book bag up off the floor. Just as I was ready to walk away, Brandon reached out and grabbed my arm.

“Remember, Woody,” he warned. “Nathan is expecting you.” He held out his phone towards me so that only I could see it. It was the picture of my cock he had shown me earlier. “You don’t want this all over school, do you?” He then smiled, “Besides, Nathan can be very generous. He gave me this phone.” He pulled back his sleeve to show me an expensive looking watch. “And this.”

I put my book bag over my shoulder and rushed from the room. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t stop by Mr. Dewberry’s room. Once we were alone, he would probably want to have sex with me. If I didn’t go, then I was sure Brandon would show my picture to other students. There was no way I could walk down the hallway after everyone had seen my dick.

Jeff was waiting by my locker when I arrived. “Hey,” he said smilingly. When he saw that I was upset, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

I just looked at him and shook my head. “Nothing.”

He looked at his watch. “I gotta go or I’ll miss my bus. I just wanted to see you before I left.” He grinned widely. “Don’t forget to ask your parents if you can spend the weekend.” He patted me on my back and ran for the exit.

I slammed my locker and then turned and looked down the hall. Mr. Dewberry’s room was at the end. The door was open, and a couple of students were coming out. I decided that I would go and talk to him, make him understand that what I had done had been a terrible mistake. I thought about telling him that I wasn’t gay, but I knew he wouldn’t believe that. He had seen me jacking off Jeff, and I had told him I wanted to suck his and Indyboi’s cock.

I made my way slowly toward his room. When I was about ten feet away, he stepped out into the hall. He saw me and smiled. He then turned and headed back into his room. I stopped in the doorway. He was sitting at his desk. He motioned for me to enter, but my legs wouldn’t move.

“Come in, Woody, and close the door,” he ordered. I refused to budge.

“Can we talk in the hallway, Mr. Dewberry?” I pleaded. He walked over, placing his hand on my back and forcing me into the room.

“We can talk better in here,” he said as he looked down the hall before closing his door. He walked up and stood directly in front of me. He then reached out, took my hand and placed it against his cock. I stood motionless as he forcefully rubbed my hand against the front of his pants. I could feel him begin to harden.  He grabbed my wrist and led me over to his desk. He stared intently at me as he began to unbuckle his pants.

“I think you’re going to like this, Elmer.” He pulled his pants and underwear down. His erect cock jutted out. He started stroking it. “You told me you wanted to suck it sometime. Now’s your chance.”

I felt vomit enter my throat. I looked for the wastebasket, afraid I was going to get sick at the sight of him as he stroked his cock. “Come over here,” he ordered. “Suck me, Elmer.”

I pulled my book bag tighter around my shoulder. “I can’t, Mr. Dewberry.” My voice quivered with nervousness. I looked down at his cock. “I can’t do what you’re asking me to.”

“Sure you can,” he insisted forcefully. “I’m sure you sucked off your friend the other night.” Panic seized me when he mentioned Jeff. I should never have involved him the chat room. I knew when we were doing it, I would later regret it.

“I can’t, Mr. Dewberry.” Tears started to well up in my eyes as I backed toward the door. He pulled up his pants and approached me.

“Then let me suck you,” he said. When he reached out his hand to grab my cock, I stepped away.

“No!” I shouted. “You shouldn’t be doing this!”

His face reddened, and his eyes narrowed in anger. “Don’t tell me what I shouldn’t be doing, you little faggot! You’re the one who started this little game.”

“This isn’t a game!” I cried. “And you’re my teacher. This isn’t right!” When he stepped closer to me, I opened the door.

As I was leaving, he warned, “You’ll regret this, Elmer Fudd!”