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December 5, 2022: A Christmas Tale
Posted by Ronyx

I wish everone a Happy Holiday however you choose to celebrate it. For the month of December, I am going to post a few Christmas short stories I have written. 

Quick link: A Christmas Eve Awakening


James is spending Christmas alone when he suddenly decides to visit the church where he spent many Christmas Eves. He meets a stranger who will change his life forever and restore for him the true meaning of Christmas.

December 1, 2022: The Mustard Jar
Posted by Ronyx

November 28, 2022: Facebook
Posted by Ronyx

I have restored my facebook page. Like and follow TMJ.

The Mustard Jar | Facebook

November 18, 2022: Story Rewind
Posted by Ronyx

Story Rewind

Readers often ask me what is my favorite story. I tell them Brittle as a Bird because it is one of the most personal stories I've written. The character, Allen, was based upon a dear friend. The story is dedicated to him. Take from this story one message- No matter how dark the storm, don't ever give up. I'm also including in the Story Rewind the sequel, A Bridge to Yesterday. Don't forget to email me with your thoughts.

Click on title for easy access.

 Brittle as a Bird 

Joey Carpenter is a street kid. Living in his parent’s garage, he hustles to survive. Alcohol and drugs help him face the world. Rejected by his family, and an outcast at school, his future looked dim until he meets Allen Foster- who has his own problems. The special bond they form will give Joey a second chance at life.

A Bridge to Yesterday

 The sequel to Brittle as a Bird.

November 7, 2022: Story Rewind
Posted by Ronyx


Story Rewind

(Click on title for easy access.)

 A Different Road

Corey and Brett have been best friends since they were five. After twelve years, Brett decides he no longer wants to be involved in a relationship and must now travel a different road. Can Corey survive without Brett in his life? Find out in this story of love and loss.

November 6, 2022: TMJ hits a milestone!
Posted by Ronyx


Wow! Thanks, Readers! Since changing my web hosting provider last year, TMJ has had over half a million page views. That's a lot of reading!

October 28, 2022: Story Rewind
Posted by Ronyx

Story Rewind

While I'm on a hiatus writing a new story, let's take a trip back in what I call Story Rewind where I will occasionally recommend a story from the past. I hope you enjoy rereading this story. (Click on title.)

Birds Don't Sing Before a Storm

Casey Barrett is a sixteen-year old who lives alone with his mother. After several incidences at school, she decides she can no longer deal with his rebellious behavior. She sends Casey to live with his father who deserted the family five years earlier.

October 26, 2022: Facebook News
Posted by Ronyx

I have temporarily deactivated my Facebook page because of security concerns.

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